Redrafting the 2007 NHL Entry Draft

The 2007 NHL Entry Draft saw some very elite talent come through. From guys like Patrick Kane who went first overall, to Jamie Benn who was a fifth round steal. The 2007 draft also produced 20 NHL defenseman who played at least 100 games. Some of those names include PK Subban and Ryan McDonagh. With that, these are my top 10 players from the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

10.) James Van Riemsdyk

I am a huge JVR fan for he is a consistent 50-60 point and 25-30 goal guy. He is often described as a power-forward which I think is very misinterpreted. He is extremely good in front of the opposing teams net which is where he gets most of his goals. Anywhere else on the ice, I find him very underwhelming. He isn’t a very physical player in the neutral or defensive zone. He is actually near invisible in those areas. Regardless of that, JVR is still an excellent offensive player.

9.) Jakub Voracek

Voracek is an excellent playmaking winger. Despite his inconsistency with production, Voracek is an excellent first line winger.

8.) Kyle Turris

Turris was supposed to be the next big thing after coming off a 121 point season in the BCHL. Turris didn’t pan out to become more than a second line center, which is still great and teams would love to have.

7.) Logan Couture

Logan Couture is your typical second line center on any good NHL team. He has been reliable for 50-60 points since his first full season in the 2011 season. He is a dynamite playoff performer as he has 69 points in 86 games. During the 2016 Stanley Cup run, he put up 30 points in 24 games for San Jose leading them in scoring. He is also a very disciplined player, he only has 137 PIM’s in 529 career games.

6.) Kevin Shattenkirk

Shattenkirk is an excellent offensive defenseman. A guy who has been great over his career in a sheltered top 4 role where he logs alot of powerplay minutes. He is an excellent quarterback on the powerplay and that is where Shattenkirk makes his money. He is about average defensively but that is not why teams drool over this guy. He is a reliable for 45 points on the blueline each season.

5.) Max Pacioretty

Pacioretty is a very underrated player in my opinion. Despite being a consistent 30+ goal scorer, I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves. He has been dragging around that carcass of a Montreal team offensively for his entire career and has still found a way to be an elite offensive threat.

4.) Ryan McDonagh

McDonagh is exactly what you want in a defensive defenseman. He finds a way to put up points without taking risks defensively. He is very reliable with the puck and rarely turns it over. He eats up tons of minutes on the penalty kill as well. He doesn’t have that flashiness a guy like Karlsson has, but is still one of the best defenseman in the NHL.

3.) Jamie Benn

One of the biggest draft steals in recent history. Jamie Benn is the modern day power-forward. He is an extremely physical player who has an Art Ross trophy. Jamie Benn has been at least a 20 goal scorer since his rookie season when he buried 22 (Not including the lockout season, he was on pace for 22). He is one of my favorite players to watch with his explosive style of play.

One of my favorite Jamie Benn goals, shows how hard he is to knock off of the puck.

2.) Patrick Kane

Another Blackhawk I knocked out of the number one spot. But how? One of the best offensive players in the game? Three Stanley Cups? 123 points in 127 playoff games? There is no doubt Patrick Kane is one of the best wingers in the league. In fact, it was very hard for me to not put him at number one. Patrick Kane is an elite playmaker and goal scorer. He is the complete offensive package and he can make anyone who plays on his line into a good contributor.

1.) PK Subban

Another huge steal of this draft being taken in the second round by Montreal. One of my favorite players in the NHL and definitely my favorite person. That’s not the reason I would take him first overall in this redraft however. PK is a Norris trophy winning defenseman and a franchise defenseman teams want to build a Stanley Cup contender around. PK is known for his offensive ability which obviously is spectacular as he is a consistent 50-60 point defender. What is often missed in PK’s game is his defensive ability. It is weird to think about it, but the numbers show that PK is actually better defensively than he is offensively. That is crazy because of the offensive stats he has consistently put up throughout his entire career. He is a huge minute eater and in my opinion, the third best defenseman in the NHL behind Karlsson and Doughty.



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