NHL Playoffs : Conference Final Wrapup/Stanley Cup Preview

Well, that was exciting. An expansion team versus a cursed team in the Stanley Cup final. This was officially one of the best conference finals I have seen in my years of watching NHL hockey.

Tampa VS. Washington

Despite this series going to 7 games, I didn’t think it was that close. Washington appeared to be far and away the better team in this series. The only time Tampa got anything going against them was on the power play. After game 1 Tampa looked very flat and uninspiring to me.

This entire playoffs we have seen vintage Alex Ovechkin. Throwing his body around in reckless abandon and him ripping one timers from the top of the circle. One of the most entertaining things in the game is watching Ovi at the top of his game. He is so exciting and that is a huge reason so many people my age are huge fans of his.

Winnipeg VS. Vegas

I feel the exact opposite about this series. This series went to just 5 games but was very close. What separated Vegas from Winnipeg was goaltending. Connor Hellebuyck looked very human in this series while Fleury continued to stand on his head and gave Vegas a chance to win each night.

Enough cannot be said about the Smith-Karlsson-Marchessault line for Vegas. They played dead even against the dominating Scheifele line and you could really see that they’re not only a fantastic offensive threat, but they can shut down/contain the oppositions top players.

Vegas VS. Washington

I could not have been more wrong in my prediction of Winnipeg Vs. Tampa. I am glad I was wrong about that, because this is bound to be the most entertaining cup final in the history of the league.

Vegas, the expansion team, is in the Stanley Cup final. I’ve doubted them since day one and they continue to prove me wrong.

Washington, the cursed team, who could never even make it past the second round in the Ovechkin era. Everyone wrote them off after shedding pieces this offseason and another disappointing playoff run.

This is great for the game of hockey. There are many people I have seen on social media who are not huge hockey fans getting behind the story of the Golden Knights. How can you not? It’s absolutely crazy what they are doing. It will go down as one of the greatest underdog stories in the history of sports. Disney is reading this movie and saying it’s too scripted.

The cursed sports town of Washington is in the championship for something for the first time since 1998 when the Caps got beat to a pulp by the Red Wings. This is the first time that the greatest goal scorer of all time (Ovi) has been in the cup final. This has been something many fans have been waiting to see for their hockey watching lives.

There is a great storyline either way this series goes. It will be a happy ending either way in my opinion (easy to say when you don’t have a dog in the fight). I am predicting Vegas ends this movie with a Stanley Cup trophy to their name. With that being said, I’d like to congratulate the Washington Capitals on winning the Stanley Cup.



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