Not A Bunch Of Jerks

Hi! It’s been awhile.

I am a very frustrated individual today over a subject I really didn’t think I cared about. What I am referring to, is the Carolina Hurricanes “Storm Surge” celebrations.

The Storm Surge has been quite the victim of criticism over the duration of the NHL season. The main antagonists being Brian Burke and Don Cherry. From calling it “peewee garbage” to “a bunch of jerks” Burke and Cherry have voiced their displeasure with the goofy post game celebrations with quite aggressive terms.

I’m not going to rip apart Burke and Cherry in this article. They are from a completely different era of hockey and it should come as no surprise that they feel outraged by the Storm Surge. They have received more than their share of criticism for their comments.

What frustrates the living hell out of me, is the fact that there are plenty of other hockey fans who are just as outraged about the Storm Surge.

Hockey culture needs to stop getting in it’s own damn way. It’s far and away the least popular of the 4 major sports in North America and it’s blatantly obvious as to why. Hockey culture is so afraid of change and forward thinking. Look at the Edmonton Oilers who refuse to put stock into an analytics department, where are they right now? A superstar went to free agency this summer and left the team that drafted him. Look at the complete and utter chaos it caused among fans! That’s called the offseason in any of the other major sports. The Predators fans have mean cheers when the other team comes to town? Oh no! How dare they disrespect this wonderful game like that?

Anyways, what I am getting at is, how can people be mad at a team for having fun and getting the fans involved with the team during the process? Carolina attendance is up 5% this year, not too significant, but a nice increase. That comes with Carolina winning and more than likely a better fan experience than in years past. The Storm Surge has caught peoples’ attention which is exactly what Carolina needs as a struggling franchise.

“Imagine Justin Williams doing stuff like this.” was a quote from Don Cherry. I said I wasn’t going to rip him apart too bad in this, but this needs to be said. I hate how he acts as if he’s disappointed in Justin Williams as if he is his father. Williams is the one behind the Storm Surge and it has clearly had a positive effect on the Hurricanes. Williams is the first year captain of the Hurricanes and they are currently sitting in the last wild card spot. The Hurricanes are on the verge of snapping one of the longest active playoff droughts and Williams is a big part of that. I’m a very analytically thinking guy when it comes to hockey. However, I do think it’s very important to have a winning culture and Justin Williams seems to be bringing that to the table.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Storm Surge when it first started at the beginning of the season. I didn’t hate it by any means, but I put myself in a Carolina Hurricanes uniform (mentally) and if I were on that team, I wouldn’t want to be apart of those silly celebrations. It’s just not my personality and I’m sure there is at least one player on the Hurricanes who thinks the same as I do. However, I’m not one to dump on peoples’ fun and would participate anyways. What’s important is that the fans in Carolina love it and we all should let them have it without crapping on them.

What was really eye opening to me, was a Carolina fan who tweeted a video of their 2-3 year old son doing the Storm Surge clap at the TV after a hurricanes win. This is the type of stuff that grows the game of hockey. We all gravitated towards something that began our love for the game. For that young man, it’s the Storm Surge.

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