My Favorite All-Time Brewer Players

Like many of you, I am missing the Milwaukee Brewers with all of my heart. It’s caused me to look back on my years as a Brewer fan and reflect on many of my favorite moments and players. Today, I have produced a 25 man roster of my favorite players in my 15 years of watching Brewers baseball.

Starting at Catcher we have Jonathan Lucroy. In the seven seasons Lucroy spent in a Brewer uniform, he produced 17.2 rWAR. He was arguably the best catcher in baseball from 2012-2016, including his 2014 season where he finished 4th in MVP voting.

At First Base we have Eric Thames. My favorite thing about Thames is that he looks like a cartoon character. He also mashed 72 homers in his three years as a Brewer which included a 2018 season in which he was injured for nearly half the season. Thames was really fun to watch and you knew there was a good chance he was going to put the ball in the seats when he was up to bat.

At Second Base we have Rickie Weeks. Defense was always an adventure with Weeks as well as staying healthy. However, I’ll always remember seeing his batting stance for the first time and going “what on Earth is he doing?”.

At Third Base we have Hernan Perez. This has nothing to do with ability. Perez’s love for the game is what drew me to be a fan of his. The guy doesn’t care where he is on the field, he’s just happy to be there. He’s always pulling some sort of shenanigans and putting smiles on peoples’ faces.

At shortstop we have JJ Hardy. Hardy was always a solid defensive shortstop, but added offense to his package in 2007 and 2008 where he accumulated 8 rWAR in those two seasons.

In Left Field we have Ben Gamel. This needs not explanation. Ben is my hero.


In Centerfield we have Christian Yelich. He is an okay player.

In Right Field we have the greatest player of all-time, Geoff Jenkins. This one doesn’t warrant an explanation either but I’m giving it to you anyways. Jenkins was the first player I ever gravitated towards. He was money in the bank for 25+ bombs per year and an OPS in the 800’s. 221 career homers as a Brewer is good for fourth all-time. The fact they still let players wear 5 to me is flat out disgusting honestly. Jenkins Jungle baby. He also never played for the Phillies.


Starting on the Mound is Zack Grienke. Grienke was a fantastic pitcher for the Brewers in his season and a half here. However, I gravitated towards him because I found out he struggles with a similar issue that I do an that is Soical Anxiety Disorder. As someone in 7th/8th grade struggling with that, I guess you could say I looked up to him in a way?

Our ace coming out of the bullpen is Brian Shouse. Reason being he was kind of nasty and there was a point in time where I thought I was going to throw side arm in little league. That was shot down fairly quickly.

Here’s how the rest of the squad shakes out :


OF : Scott Podsednik : Underrated nasty

OF : Carlos Gomez : Fun to watch till he got too good for his own head

3B : Travis Shaw : Was huge in 2017/2018

1B : Jesus Aguilar : Big teddy bear, HUGE in 2018

1B : Richie Sexson : Drilled that flagpole at Minute Maid and left a dent

2B : Felipe Lopez : Underrated trade deadline acquisition



CC Sabathia : Best trade deadline acquisiton, Brewers hall of famer

Yovani Gallardo : Consistent, could hit

Brandon Woodruff : Probably our best pitcher since Gallardo, can also hit

Ben Sheets : Nasty when healthy

Chris Capuano : Not sure, I just did



John Axford : Was nails in 2011

Trevor Hoffmann : Hells Bells was amazing to be there in person for

Derrick Turnbow : His bobblehead had real hair, then he fell apart

Josh Hader : Pretty Good

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